Monday, May 3, 2010

Tripping up the stairs.

Is it just me or do other people also trip going up the stairs?

We went to a cocktail party on Saturday night. It was a fundraising cocktail party for school that was a "get dressed up in cocktail attire" kind of thing. I think they do this so people will be on their best behavior and not get too crazy. Cuz really, it's hard to get super silly in 4" heels and a dress that's form fitting.

Don and I got a babysitter for Elli. We had Mei Mei drop us off at the party because they had a shuttle service to take everyone home. Which I have to say is the way to go - it was so nice getting dropped off at the front door!

We walked in to the home where the party was and started up the stairs, when BAM! I trip. It wasn't a complete fall on your face trip, but it was loud, and everyone noticed I had arrived. Greaaaaaaaat. Hadn't even had one glass of wine and I've already made a scene. And of course that's what I immediately blurt out. "Oh my gosh, I haven't even had a glass of wine yet. Ha, ha, ha. " Nice.

The rest of the evening was fun and uneventful. But I was on alert. The majority of the party was outside on their decks. Decks and heels are not a good combination. I really didn't want to get my heel stuck in between the deck planks. So I kind of stood on my toes all night. Nice workout for the calves, but not exactly relaxing!

Our school has it together. They have all kinds of fun "fundraising" events like this. There is a big event in the fall where there is a walkathon, white elephant sale, live auction and silent auction to raise money for the school. Because as you know in California - - we have no money for education.

The most popular silent auction items are the parties. Different families "host" parties, along with a few other friends/families. People pay anywhere from $10 - $40/pp to attend the party or event. Then you just go and have fun. They have a ton of things to choose from, 70's party, bbq, movie night, tiki party, mom's mixer, mom's hike - and more. These events are really popular and sell out really fast. So if you want to go you need to get your name down right away.

The cocktail party was $35/pp, it was open bar and food, plus a shuttle ride home. Not bad! Plus look how cute our sommelier was. All us girls had a teeny crush on him. hee hee hee

What kind of fund raising activities does your school do? We're always looking for new ideas.


  1. We only have one fundraiser because people in Charlotte have so much money they don't need any! OR maybe it is not PC for the southern people to ask for money. The snob appeal here is unbelievable. The fundraiser we have is BFF (baskets, food, & fun) it is basically a carnival with a silent auction. Each homeroom creates a basket, with parents donations, based around a theme. The baskets get pretty elaborate, and are worth hundreds of dollars.

  2. I couldn't help but chuckle about your trip up the stairs - since I would do AND say the same thing you did. ha ha.


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