Friday, April 30, 2010

The Hillside House in Mill Valley. One word: Wow.

We got our May issue of California Home & Design magazine a few weeks ago. There was an amazing house on the cover that immediately caught my eye. Then I read that it's in Mill Valley. AND, that the interior designer is Erin Martin, someone I've been dieing to meet and someone I really want Don and Pollin's to work with.

I have to get in this house!

I was seriously willing it to happen. Then what do you know, I got an invitation from my friends at California Home & Design to attend a housewarming party. WOO HOO!  I'm in. I'm so in. I'm moving in.

The party was Wednesday night. You have to park two streets away and walk up a very steep path to get there. I seriously had to stop at one point to catch my breath. I didn't want to walk in panting and have a heart attack in their kitchen. This was not the first impression I was going for. Luckily I wasn't alone. Heather Hebert, with the architectural firm, was walking in with me. She was in much better shape than me, but kindly took the little "catch our breath" break too.

We finally get to the house - - and it's just unbelievable. Something you only see in magazines. I met the homeowners and chatted with a bunch of other really nice people that actually worked on the house. They were all super excited to see their hard work finished. Everyone was in awe of the final result.

My dream is to have a house like this someday. A place that is so amazing that I never want to leave. Ever.

I bet you're dieing to take a peek, right? Here's a slideshow SB Architects put together. This is the same firm that designed Calistoga Ranch Resort. Another place that I want to move in to. (And have blogged about before.)

Here's a different slideshow of the home getting built. Look at this crazy lot. Who would ever see this lot and think, "I want to build a home here!" Only in Mill Valley. You can view the construction gallery here.

I'm slightly obsessed. I need to chill. But I think I'm in love with The Hillside House.

big sigh............


  1. I can see why I'm not an architect-NO VISON!! There is no way I would have seen that lot and envisioned that house, let alone bought the lot! Every room has a view, just like the homes I saw in Swedan.

  2. LOL! I know what you mean. I never would have envisioned this house on that lot either. It is probably the coolest house I've ever been in.


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