Monday, May 31, 2010

Love my Willow & Clay striped dress!!

Happy Memorial Day!

Today is the day we honor the soldiers (heroes) that have died in war so we can live happy, safe, peaceful lives. So after you've marched in the parade and honored those we've lost, I say we should go shopping for bargains!

No one has much money anymore so you have to find deals if you want to get good stuff. And if the tv commercials I've seen for the past 5 days are true, there are deals to be had. Plus all the online retailers are jumping on the sale bandwagon too. One of my favorite online sites for bargains is HauteLook.

I just love this dress I recently bought. I wore it last week and was so comfy all day. I think it's going to be my new favorite summer dress. I do have to be careful when I walk around the windy city though. A HUGE gust of wind nearly blew the dress over my head. I'm sure I frightened some folks. That's what they get for watching my back-side.

If you'd like to buy cute stuff like this at great prices, check out Haute Look. You have to be invited to shop. So click on this LINK for your invite. (Not sure why they do that.) They have all kinds of brands on sale for men, women, kids and home. Each sale lasts about one day. So you have to shop quick. It's fuuuuun.

Oh yeah, that's not me in the photo in case you were confused and thought I jumped in a time machine or something. I tried to get a picture of me in the dress but it just wasn't working trying to pose in my office using the built-in camera on my computer. So no picture of me for you. Just the pretty young model from Haute Look, with her pretty young legs, and long brown hair, and wrinkle-less face.....

This is what the site looks like. It's a lot like shopping at the mall. There are a lot of different stores/brands to choose from. I think you're going to like it! Have fun.

Have a great day! Light up the barbie and have a swell time.

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