Thursday, April 1, 2010

$6.99 are you out of your mind? Go BevMo!

Just in time for Easter. Wine for $6.99. It doesn't get better than that. So hop to it everyone. Get shopping. My life depends on it.  Seriously, it does. So open up that wallet and get your booty over to BevMo pronto. You might as well pony up and buy a case, cuz it's only $83 bucks and you can mix and match. Sheesh. That's a bargain!

Pleeeeeeease!!!!!!  Don't make me beg.

Thank you.

Your pal,
Kris (the wine pusher)

PS. Mom, the price is $7.99 in AZ. Bummer, huh???

1 comment:

  1. How do we get a discount because we know the wine pusher..........okay, okay.....we will boogey down there this weekend and buy our favoite wines.........of course following your recommendations!


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