Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Roche Bobois couch refresh

Let me just say right up front, I love the furniture at Roche Bobois.

When we lived in Connecticut there was a Roche Bobois store down the road in Westport that we'd go visit. We loved the modern furniture, the sleek lines, and contemporary feel. We knew that someday we would buy something from them. It was just a matter of money. Ha! Their furniture is expensive. $$$ But the style and quality of the workmanship was exactly what we wanted. We just had to figure out how to pay for it.

Fast forward a few years....we finally had the resources to buy a couch from them. It was a big investment. And I mean big. I think you could buy a small car for what we paid for that couch. We chose a chenille for the cushions and ultra suede for the base. We didn't want leather. We'd been there, done that. We wanted something cozy, yet still contemporary.

But that was back when things were quite different in our lives. Elli wasn't in the picture yet. Don was working in NYC for a big agency (making big bucks) and I was a road warrior traveling all over the country.

That was 10 years ago. And guess what? Roche Bobois is still selling the same couch! Here it is on the Roche Bobois website (see white couch below). I still love the design of this couch. But after 10 years it has started to wear and the back cushions were in need of re-stuffing. And now instead of working in NYC we live in the SF Bay Area and own a custom furniture store in Napa.

So, lucky for us we can refresh this couch ourselves at the store. But since this is a project that won't make the store (or us) any money it took FOREVER to get done. But now it's all done and it's soooooo nice. It doesn't look that much different from the original couch. But we weren't looking for a style change - just a refresh.

And here it is in our house. Our style isn't as contemporary. But we love the contemporary lines.



We chose a gorgeous, good quality wool from Donghia, which wasn't inexpensive. But we want this to last another 10 years. Plus it's so soft and cozy.

And now it's just like new.

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  1. Wow! It's gorgeous..........I love that's so roomy and comfortable.........Can't wait to see the new fabric!


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