Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3rd Grade Book Club

A few of our friends invited us to join their book club for 3rd graders. We went to the 1st meeting a week ago.  It was really fun chatting with the moms, having dinner, drinking some wine, then listening to the girls discuss the book. I don't hang around moms much because I'm always working. So it was fun getting out.

Last month's book was perfect for Elli, Hearbeat by Sharon Creech. Not too hard. Not too long. "An easy book" according to all the moms.  Hmmmmm

So at the end of the evening as we're all trying to leave, one of the mom's asks who wants to have it at their house next month. Somehow my name got tossed in the ring because they know we have a clubhouse here and before I knew it I said "Sure, I can rent the clubhouse. We can meet there!"

What they don't know is that I immediately started to panic. What book would I pick? We joined the book club so that Elli would learn that reading is fun and that she needs to start reading harder books. She doesn't like reading, it's a huge battle every day. But picking the right book is a lot of pressure. It can't be too easy or too hard. Aaaaaaaah!!! I had no idea what book to pick. None.

I asked her teacher for advice. She gave me a long list of authors and ideas. But not a definite "this is the perfect book for the book club." My friend  Cori said she could give me suggestions too.

So I went to the book store. Elli picked out every book with a puppy or kitty on the cover. "No, that is not book club appropriate," I would say.  It had to be harder than a book Elli would pick and it definitely would not be a comic book - nice, Elli.

I finally found one that looked interesting and Elli begrudgingly agreed, only because it had a few illustrations sprinkled throughout the book.  We (I) chose Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. It involves animals, but not puppies, and it's 233 pages. Gulp. Honestly, I'm not sure how we'll get through it.

Last night we sat down and read the second chapter together, OUTLOUD. Because I need to read this too, so we're going to do it together.

I was actually pleasantly surprised (relieved) to find that she's a pretty good reader when she's focused. She got stumped by a few words, but they were hard, and she has a tendency to run right through the period which makes it hard to understand the paragraph. But with a little help from me, she got through the chapter and she actually enjoyed it. Thank goodness.

So now we have until March 28th to finish the book and write up 10 discussion guide questions. I have to reserve and pay for the club house, then figure out what to have for dinner for 10 girls and 10 moms (taking into consideration the milk and wheat allergies that I know two people have - because we discussed it over wine.)

Honestly, this is stress and pressure I really don't need. Of course I'm causing all the stress and pressure myself. No one is making me do this. It's just supposed to fun. Don just shakes his head at me as usual.

I know, I'm a dork.

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  1. Hi-
    As a non-wheat eater and a stressed mom myself. I say go for easy. Mexican buffet. Just set out a huge variety of items and each kid builds their own meal. Tell the mom's in question you are using the McCormick brand taco seasoning & dressing, corn tortillas, Pace picante sauce, and any rice you want. I have other suggestions, if this is to pedestrian for this group.
    Good luck and have a glass of wine-


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