Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm in Cheeseburger Heaven

I was craving a cheeseburger yesterday. I didn't want a fast food burger, I wanted a home-made burger on sourdough toast with carmelized onions, a big, fat, tomato slice, and swiss cheese. And I knew I wanted french fries and coleslaw too. Hopefully the rest of the family will be happy with this!

aaaaaaah..... so juicy and delicious. It totally hit the spot.

Doesn't it look good? I want to grab it right now and take a bite. The carmelized onions were so sweet and delish on the burger. I'm actually making my mouth water as I talk about this burger and stare at the photo. And carmelized onions are so easy to make. Slice up an onion (I used a red onion) throw them in a non-stick pan with a teeny bit of butter and let them cook until they are golden brown and sticky-like. This will probably take about 15 minutes.

Of course Elli didn't want a burger for dinner. Kids. I usually make her eat what we're eating but I just didn't have the energy to argue with her. So I baked a breaded chicken breast for her (with the Ore Ida Country fries) and she was happy.

I have to tell you too, the coleslaw was fantastic, too. No picture. But all you need are two things. A bag of shredded cabbage or broccoli. I've been using the broccoli mix - love it. And for the dressing use Marie's Coleslaw dressing. It is so good. It has the right amount of sweetness and tanginess. And it tastes homemade. Love that. I've taken it to parties and people ask for the recipe. hee hee hee.

Of course we had wine too. A nice glass of Mark West Pinot Noir. Yes, I drank Pinot and liked it. And yes, I probably had more than one glass. It was Friday night after all.

All this talk of food has made me hungry. Must eat now. Bye.


  1. Well Kris,
    This looks way too good (it must be kinda bad for you, too), but anytime you want to split a burger, you are on! Only 1,500 calories but lots of satisfaction!

  2. Ha! Ay caramba. I hope this wasn't 1,500 calories. The burger wasn't as big as you think. But I'll share a burger with you anytime!


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