Monday, February 1, 2010

Cookie Economics

On Saturday morning we had three little type-A personalities, I mean 8 year olds, in the kitchen making their economics project.

They had to come up with a product to make and sell at their school marketplace. The girls chose to make sugar cookies. Part of the project was to keep track of the cost of materials, hours/human resources spent on the project, and the cost to rent supplies - like renting the oven, the mixer, the computer to make tags etc. It was a lot to think about for these 3rd graders.

I helped them come up with a name using their initials. And they came up with their slogan.
ACE Cookie Company: Fresh and Tasty
Not bad, huh? I asked them when they were all done if they wanted to be small business owners now. And in unison they said "No! It's too hard." They have no idea.

We used the Sugar Cookie recipe in the Williams Sonoma cookbook for kids. They made the dough, rolled it out, cut it into shapes, baked them, wrapped them, labeled them and they were all done in two and a half hours. It went pretty much just like that.

There were a few power struggles with every step. Each had their own opinion. But they managed to compromise and got the project done. Of course after watching them roll and re-roll, and re-roll and re-roll the first batch of dough, I kind of made a second  batch rolled it and cut it for them so they could get right to decorating.

They will be selling the cookies this Friday at their Economics Marketplace. They are waiting patiently in the freezer until then. The cookies. Not the girls. 




Good luck selling ladies! 


  1. I'd buy their cookies ;). I love watching my son work through power struggles with his friends. It's neat seeing how their little minds work.

  2. ooo i hope some extras make it into the office! go elli!


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