Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My diet/exercise plan for 2010. 10in10 and SparkPeople

I am serious about my first resolution to lose weight and exercise more. I know a lot of people have this goal at the beginning of the year. But this year is different. I guess a lot of people say that too. I'm serious though. I am so happy that 2009 is over I want things to be different.

I'm going to make it a better year.  So Don and I both signed up on SparkPeople to help us track our exercise and nutrition. It's free. Which is awesome, since we are not rolling in the dough at the moment. It's a really cool site. They tell you what to eat. How much to exercise. What exercises to do. It's all scheduled out for you. Love it! Love it! Love it! So needless to say, I'm not going to rush over to Mike's to get the shortbread recipe. That will have to wait until next Christmas.

I also pledged to be part of the 10in10 challenge started by Lori Lange (recipe girl) a blogger and twitterer that I follow. I am committed. Ok. It's only day five. But I'm psyched at the thought of my jeans being less tight. I even got Don to sign on. He has a little more weight to lose than me. But he's just as committed. He joined a gym and we both went grocery shopping together to buy lots of fruit and veggies.

We actually eat pretty healthy. We just eat too much. So it's all about portion control. And Don gets the munchies in the evening. So we got some healthy nuts and fruit to help curb his hunger. The one thing I will be experimenting with is baked goods that are better for you. Cuz Don and Elli both have a major sweet tooth. But not until we've started to shed a few.

The biggest challenge will be the glass of wine I usually have each evening. I love my wine. But something has to give. And it ain't my pants. They've given all they can. So I'm only going to drink wine on the weekend. We'll see how I do.


  1. First off, you look great in all of your pictures-I'm sure that even 5 lbs. would be a lot. Second, when it is time for Don and Elli to have some good for you snacks check out the following blog: http://www.elanaspantry.com
    Elana cooks with almond/coconut flour and and a lot of her ingrediants are low on the glycemic index and are good for you. I've made several of her "treats" and even Clay likes them! (you know how picky 13 yr. olds are-yikes, is he that old!?)

  2. Great idea! I saw Elena speak at the Blogher food conference I attended in SF. She is awesome. I definitely need to try some of her recipes. Thanks for the reminder.


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