Saturday, October 10, 2009

Need wine? Go to BevMo! It's the 5 cent sale.


Any of you that know me personally, know that I manage the Advertising account for BevMo! For those of you that don't know me, now you know too.

BevMo! is having their 5c sale right now - which is a great deal. You buy one wine at regular price and the second bottle is 5 cents. There is a huge selection of 150-200 wines in the sale. You really can't go wrong. (and I'm being honest!!)

So if you're just sitting around with nothing to do this weekend. Go shopping!! Buy wine. You can shop online and they will have it boxed up and ready for you to pick up in an hour. Or they can ship it to you. Or, you can go to the store and peruse the aisles, and aisles of juice. It's a pretty good time if you've never done it before. Not that I would know that.....

Anyhoo, have a good time. And thank you in advance for your generous contribution to my career.  ; )

Example of the deals:

Oh, be sure to check out my friend Wilfred's new blog. It's on the BevMo site too.

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