Monday, October 12, 2009

Dove Evolution + my hair + my wrinkles = must see

I recently got my hair cut at Edwards Salon in Mill Valley. A sweet girl named Janie cuts my hair. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm wacko. And I'm doubly sure she doesn't want me telling people she cuts my hair. And I'm also sure that I'm older than her mother. Uuuuuuugh.

I usually go early on Saturday morning. I basically shower, get dressed and go. So she sees me in my finest Saturday attire, hair in a pony tail, with a little lip gloss. Not sure what that adds, but I feel less naked.

This week she asked if she could flat-iron my hair. "Sure! Why not," I say. So I sat there watching her iron my hair in the mirror. I cannot imagine taking this much time to fix my hair. Ever. Not going to happen. Plus I didn't look like myself. I even scared the receptionist when I left. "Wow, I didn't recognize you, " she said. Hmmmm. That's not really a compliment, is it? (Pony tail where are you?)

Worse than that, as I sat there staring at myself in the mirror, all I could see were the dark, dark circles under my eyes and that the color of my skin looked weird. Must be the lighting. Holy schnikes. I look old. I need an eye lift, botox, chin reduction, make-up....something. Ay caramba. I started having an anxiety attack looking at myself. This is a 9-1-1 facial emergency. And the hair!  eeeeks.

My job is full of stress. But it's been especially stressful since August 21st at about 9:00am. And it's showing. So I'm scheduling a facial. I need someone to massage my worries away and give my pour old face some TLC. So here I sit. Smiling at my computer camera (hoping no one walks in) thinking about calling and making that facial appointment.

And then I saw this Dove video and checked out their Campaign for Beauty site. Wow. And we wonder why girls have issues with our looks.

I just showed this to Elli. Here is her response after watching it.
"That's not really her!"she says.
"That's cheating."

So thank you Judi Sherrill for bringing this to my attention. Judy and I went to TCU together. We're facebook friends now. I have stories about Judy. We met freshman year. She is the sweetest texas/southern girl you'll ever meet. And drop dead gorgeous (still is.) Without any photoshop retouching! Thanks, Judi!


  1. I love Dove's campaign. I always worry about what message we/society is sending our daughter, and I like hearing voices that tell her the truth. None of us look great in the morning ;)!

  2. Wow. That's crazy. But sure made me feel better about my face in the a.m. I'm still laughing though about YOU getting your hair STRAIGHTENED! It's already straight! Imagine ME getting my FRO straightened. Whoa. I'd be unrecognizable :-D

    Oh, and puhleeeez - you look BETTER than most 25 year olds!

  3. LOL-I had the exact same reaction when I went to get my hair done last week. They should NOT turn us around in the chair when our hair is wet and all our make-up is washed off. (remember I have blond hair-so no eyebrows or eyelashes without mascara & pencil)


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