Monday, October 5, 2009

Cava Sparkling Wine. Yumalicious.

On Saturday I cracked open a bottle of Canals & Nubiola Cava Sparkling Wine .

I had just finished spending 6 HOURS deconstructing Elli's playroom and felt that I deserved a little bubbly as a reward.

Every morning I would walk past her playroom (which is bedroom #3 in our house) and have an anxiety attack. It looked like a craft/toy/book explosion. It was so far beyond cleaning up that I knew it would take some major work - and I just didn't have it in me.

Saturday was the day. I decided to change the room from a "playroom" to a room with a desk for the hand-me-down computer we gave her, a place to read, watch a movie, and a place for her to do her crafts.

We have an Elfa  system on the wall for her games and stuff. The Container Store has a sale on Elfa products right now. So I got the desk size shelf and went to work changing it from just shelves to a work station too with some nice organizer accessories. Don't you just love everything in the Container Store? I could seriously spend the whole day in there.

The finished product. Viola! Looking at this picture really doesn't impress. But anyone that has had the unfortunate experience of sitting in this room knows what a major improvement this is. The old kiddie play table and stools are gone. Bookcase gone. Misc bags of misc. stuff gone. A new rug from Crate & Barrel (not shown.) I was way too embarrassed to take a "before" picture. So you'll just have to trust me that this is waaaaaaaaay better.

Now, on to my reward. Cuz it is all about me after all. Elli was perfectly happy with her playroom the way it was. Although, she's totally digging her new "mature" space. She's thanked me a million times.

Again, the reward! Cava Sparkling Wine. Aaaaaaaah. It was perfect for my pre-dinner cocktail. Not too sweet. Great bubbles. And the best part, it doesn't cost a fortune either. In fact it's less than 10 bucks. Way less. It's on sale at BevMo! for $5.99. "No way" you say. "Way" I say.

Ok, now you have to promise me something. If you buy this wine you cannot tell anyone it's $5 bucks. Let them drink it - then spring the most excellent news that it's only five ninety nine. They will think you're a genius. OK, that may be stretching it a bit. But I know they will be impressed, cuz it's good and it's cheap. The key is keeping the secret until after they've tasted it. It's all in the presentation. So no giggling, no hinting, just pour it, and drink the bubbles. Oh, one more thing. Don't wait until new year's eve. Drink it this weekend. Remember, it's five dollars. Ok six.





  1. I'm amazed by how organized her room is! We need some serious clutter control in our playroom...

  2. can you help us organize our art, music baby room !! :) nice! -Alix

  3. Hi Kris.........Great job.........can you help us with our garage.......ok, never mind..that's pushing it.


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