Monday, September 14, 2009

There's nothing better.

We had grand plans to go to the beach on Saturday. Unfortunately, there was a killer rainstorm with thunder and lightening on Friday night into Saturday morning. The sky was gloomy.  It was definitely not going to be a beach day.

So I took our sandwich fixings and made some killer grilled cheese sandwiches instead. I didn't have any fancy ingredients. Just basic stuff. Of course if I had some better bread and different cheese I definitely would have used that.

I don't know about you. But I love grilled cheese. When I was young I loved it made with Muenster cheese for the excellent stretchy factor. It seemed like it could stretch, and stretch and stretch.  When I worked for Einstein Bros Bagels they had a grilled cheese sandwich that was made with three cheeses and in my opinion was too die for delicious. It was called the Ultimate Toasted Cheese Sandwich.

Today I made us grilled cheese with ham, Tillamook cheddar and a huge heirloom tomato that we bought on Friday. I seasoned the tomato with salt, pepper and just a splash of Lawry's Seasoning salt.

There is something about the buttery crunchy bread, the salty ham, the subtle taste of the cheese and the juicy flavorful tomato that is oooooooooh so delicious. So simple. Yet so tasty.  Halfway through eating the sandwich I realized I forgot to put the mustard on. Didn't even need it.

I paired it with a nice salad. Using the rest of the tomato. Because we all know you cannot save half a tomato and have it taste the same.  It just doesn't work. It gets mooshy, loses it's flavor and starts to look weird. It just gets yucky. Plus, those darn heirloom tomatoes cost a bloody fortune. So it's best to eat it all. And now I'm full.

Tomorrow morning I'm making banana bread. Another one of my favorite comfort foods!

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  1. Grilled cheese is one of my go-to dishes that I make for myself at home. It's delicious anytime, but always a hit if you want something quick, comforting, and delicious. Looks like a great meal: )


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