Friday, August 28, 2009

First day of school

Yesterday was Elli's first day of 3rd grade. Here she is (in the middle) with two of her really good friends.

I love that first week of school when everything is fresh and new again. Kids are happy and excited. Parents are relaxed and happy. Clothes are shiny and new. And backpacks aren't full of crumbs and crud yet. 

Along with a few new clothes and new shoes, Elli got a new backpack/messenger bag. It was tough finding just the right bag. It had to have pockets (Elli's a collector) and a water bottle holder. Not be too big or too small. And be in-stock.

We found one on When the packaged arrived Elli could hardly contain herself. She opened it up and screamed. She loved it. She was dancing around the house. It's cool. It's stylish. It's just the right size. It's perfect.

The bag can be carried like a messenger bag with a long handle, or as a back pack. (It has hidden straps that tuck in a pocket.)  Plus the size of the bag is perfect for a kid. Some of the backpacks for kids are as big as they are. AND, it turns out that Fleurville is based here in CA, in San Rafael, which is right down the road from where we live. Yeah!  I love buying local. 

Their mission is to design bags for parents and kids that are stylish and eco-friendly. They're starting to get into furniture making too. The first piece they designed is a very cool, retro looking high chair.  Fortunately, I'm not in the market for a high chair (phew!) But if I was, I might consider this one.

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  1. A new school year is so exciting........I remember well sending you four kids off to school the first day looking so perfect........You could be sure that at least one of you (David) would come home with scuffed shoes and who knows what else. But the smiles on your faces as you waived to me thru the bus windows almost brought a tear to my eyes........Mind you I said almost!!!!
    After all the mother's hi-fived each other we took off for tennis or golf sighing a breathe of relief........We had survived another summer with the "darlings"!
    Love you,


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