Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wild things

On Friday night Don and I got to enjoy dinner alone (Elli went to dinner and a movie with a friend.) So we went to a nice Italian place down the hill from our house called Piatti. It's a nice restaurant, a little pricey. We don't normally go there with Elli.

We didn't have a reservation so we didn't get the best seat in the house. They put us at a two top table right next to a huge table set up for 9 people. The group turned out to be 4 adults and 5 rowdy kids.  Greeeeeaaaat.  Just what we want on our night out without kids. We're seated next to 5 young kids that were running in and out the entire time. Our server was so distracted we had to repeat our order to her.

I have no problem with kids eating out - but they have to be behaved. No running around. In fact I don't like them to get up at all. It's annoying to me - and everyone around us. My mother would have killed us kids if we behaved this way.  I'm pretty sure it would have been a long time before we saw a restaurant again. Here's the thing. Half the time the kids were running around there was a PARENT following them. Dude. Get control of the rug rats. This is not a playground. Are parents so accustomed to taking their kids everywhere that THEY forget what appropriate behavior is? One little girl was even wearing a bathing suit with shorts.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned. And maybe I'm getting old (which I am. ) But I still believe in getting appropriately dressed for dinner. Kids should be clean, dressed and groomed. Parents too. We're raising a bunch of wild things!

Two years ago we signed Elli up for a class called "Elbows off the table." She HATED the class. However, it did reinforce manners we were trying to instill in her at home. She still talks about what a B-O-R-I-N-G class it was. Maybe this should be a mandatory class for all kids in school.



  1. Kris - I am so with you on this! Not having jids of my own, I can't fully imagine what it's like, but there are some things (manners) that go a long way. No one should get in the way of others trying to enjoy a meal out. *I'll get off my soap box now*


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