Saturday, June 6, 2009

Super cute lunch tote.

My friend Kerry spotted these in a shop window in Sonoma last weekend. They are insulated lunch bags. And they're only 20 bucks. Almost makes me want to pack a lunch and bring it it work everyday.

Their slogan is: 
Eat well. Be green. Take lunch. 

They have a bunch of different styles.  This style is called Christy.  You can order one here.

So as you're browsing the internet this weekend you can order one.  Or two.  I think they would make cool gifts.

Have a good one!

PS.  I do eat lunch at my desk everyday. But I don't physically carry my lunch each day - which is why I don't need a "super cute lunch tote".  I stop at Safeway on Monday morning, buy five "eating right" frozen dinners, then put them in the office freezer so I have five yummy lunches for the week. 

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  1. These lunch totes are great. They fit all of your containers and keep everything chilled. They definitely make a fashion statement. My teenagers love them!


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