Friday, June 5, 2009

Beware of the ditch.

The past three weeks have been nuts. We've had two different sets of house guests, Elli had 2 major dance recitals, I've been INSANELY busy working on BevMo stuff and ...... I don't know what else.  But I'm exhausted!!

My parents came from Phoenix first, then our best friends from Connecticut. They just left on Tuesday.  We had a really nice time.  It was just like old times.  We went to Kokkari for dinner Friday night then had an awesome afternoon in Sonoma on Sunday.  I'll tell you about both, but not right now.  I'm too tired.

Yesterday morning I decided to fix Elli's hair in a cute ponytail.  While brushing her hair she informed me that I've been saying some bad words in the morning at "the ditch." Uh oh.  (The ditch is a place on our way to school where we risk our lives every morning trying to turn left in front on on-coming traffic.)  "Really", I said.  "Yes, mommy. You do it a lot." Uh oh.  "What do I say?" I ask.  "Well, you get really mad at the slow guy ahead of you and yell, move it mister, or I'll push you through."  Hmmmm.  Not really a bad word.  But not very nice either. I tell her "ok, I promise to try harder."  She says, "and sometimes you say.............." Now I'm in trouble.

So she says I'm going to have a consequence every time I say a bad word.  Oh no.  "What is my punishment?" I ask.  She says "no computer time at night for 10 minutes." Really?  That's it? You're not going to send me to bed?  Oh, come on!!!! 

I passed the test yesterday morning.  We'll see how I do today.

Photo: Elli and her friend Lily Smith

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