Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our new favorite martini "Peach Jalapeno"

We recently went to El Dorado Kitchen in Sonoma for the first time.  Wow. What a beautiful, contemporary space on the inside with a lovely patio outside.

The food was made with the freshest ingredients and presented so beautifully. The cocktails superb. And dessert absolutely divine. This will be my first of a few entries. I'm going to start with cocktails. (Miss Elli is drinking hazelnut chocolate milk.)

Don and Steven ordered the Peach Jalapeno Martini. Kerry had a Mojito and I had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. The boys haven't stopped talking about their martini's. They really wanted to know how to make the drink at home. So on our way out I asked the bartender for the recipe. He was happy to share it with us. (I've learned it's just better to ask than to torture oneself trying to figure it out.) The ingredients are not that unusual, but they had to go to three stores to get everything. (I'll have to speak to my friends at BevMo about this!)

My friend Steven begged me not to reveal the recipe. Then I reminded him that I only have about 3 people reading my blog - and he's one of them. I think we're safe. But, just to make him happy I'll list the ingredients only. We can let my inquisitive readers figure out the mix. Or you can email me and I'll ask Don for the recipe.

The drink is sweet and fruity - but not too sweet, with a little spicy kick at the end. You're going to love it.

Simple Syrup
Squeeze of lime
White cranberry juice
Add a slice of fresh jalapeno at the end

Shake all ingredients.  Pour in chilled martini glass.  Add a slice of jalepeno.

I promise this will become your favorite martini this summer. 

: )


  1. We finally broke this out last night at our Midsommar party (wish you were here). They were a huge hit! A great find at El Dorado Kitchen. Ahhhh...

  2. Kris,
    We went to EDK 2 weeks ago and also fell in love with the peach jalepeno martini. Can you please, please send me the measurments of the ingredients? Also, where did you find the white cranberry juice? My store didn't have it.

  3. Well, Don, the resident bartender here loosely measures. So here goes.
    In a cocktail shaker add:
    Juice of one lime mixed with simple syrup to taste
    1 oz Ocean Spray white cranberry juice (available at Safeway)
    2 oz Absolut Peach Vodka
    Add ice. Shake. Pour in martini glass.
    Add one fresh slice of raw jalapeno on top.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! I went to a wedding in CA and stayed at the El Dorado. We had that drink and I've been trying to figure out how to make it ever since!!

  5. my wife and I came across this fabulous concoction at the bartender challenge in Sonoma, it was a total hit and needless to say won!! We have tried to cut corners but you can't, buy top shelf booze and enjoy


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