Friday, June 12, 2009

Best dessert EVER!

Another story about El Dorado Kitchen.......

The minute the waiter told us the pastry chef had been at the French Laundry for nine years we couldn't wait to get our hands on the menu. We've always wanted to go to the FL. Here was our chance to sneak in the back door.

How on earth would we decide what to order? By ordering three desserts, of course. That way we all get to sample a little of each.

Warm Cake with Cherry - butter cake with fresh cherry, served with vanilla ice cream (I don't have their description of this one.)

Chocolate Smore's Tart - graham cracker crust, Guittard chocolate ganache, fluffy Italian Meringue, vanilla ice cream.

Profiterole's - strawberry, vanilla, caramel ice cream, chocolate sauce, vanilla anglaise
OMG. The desserts were so yummy at first we were speechless.  Just a lot of "OOOOOH", "MMMMM" and staring off in space. We could hardly contain our enthusiasm. In fact, we couldn't. We were making a bit of noise.  

The grumpy lady at the table next to us kept glancing our way every 5 seconds. Personally, I think she was cranky because she didn't wear cute sandals and her feet were hot. She had on a cute outfit down to her ankles. Then much to my surprise she had on teal socks and loafers. "Really?" you say.  "Yup." Big fashion don't for 2009. (In my opinion anyway.) The wrong shoes can spoil the mood. She needs to watch a few Sex & The City re-runs.

Anyhow, back to dessert. We loved the dessert so much we took pictures. Ok, I took pictures. I made everyone wait until I could get a shot. We had to hold Elli back. All I can say is this. Come visit me and I'll take you up there personally. It will be a yumalicious good time!!!

Here is a sample dessert menu from their website. Specials change based on what's in season. I think the Smore's Tart is a regular. Which was by far the favorite at our table.

Hope to see you soon!!!

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