Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nature my way

Last Sunday was one of those gorgeous clear days where you can see for miles and miles. For any of you that have been to San Francisco you know it's not always like this.  You can run into fog or rain in the most random places.  It could be hot and sunny at home, you drive 5 minutes and it's 15 degrees colder and foggy.

So we took advantage of the day and hiked up to the West Point Inn for a picnic.   Elli donned her best hiking sun dress. Why not! Right?  We had yummy wrap sandwiches made from everything I could find in the fridge, some fresh strawberries, cashews and of course Cheetos, because we were hiking with a 7-year old after all.

Don recorded our steps with a pedometer.  We walked a little over 4 miles. And burned 400 plus calories.  (So we probably burned off 2 Cheetos.)

We're pretty sure Sam ran twice that. He turns into "ADVENTURE DOG" when he gets on the trail.  Not sure what he thinks he's going to find. But he sure has fun doing it.

As most of you know, I'm not much of a nature girl. Which is weird considering where we live in the Bay Area. We picked the most crunchy, granola area to live in.  Here's the thing. I love the beauty of nature - the hills, flowers, trees, ocean - the views, oh, the view. I just don't want to be ONE with nature. As in sleep on the ground with nature. That's all.  Oh, and I don't like nature-hugger footwear or clothing either. So as long as you'll accept me and miss Elli in our sundresses on the trail, then we're all good. Cool?

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  1. I'm right there with you, Kris. I don't want to be one with nature, just look at it. A friend asked Stein and me to go camping this summer. "In a tent?" I asked. I then asked if there was a hotel nearby...


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