Friday, October 22, 2010

Chocolate Croissants (you can make at home!)

Yeah right.

Make chocolate croissants at home.

It's true! You can do it. No baking skills required. All you need is a cookie sheet and an oven.

A little back story......I've always thought about making croissants. Until last year - when I went with Elli's class on a field trip to the Noe Valley Bakery. The owner showed us how they make croissant dough. It's incrediby time consuming. You add layer upon layer of butter to the dough which you roll and roll and roll and add butter to, and roll some more, add more more butter, more rolling until you have a million layers of dough and butter which give you that flakey, butter crust.

It's definitely one of those baking projects that is better left up to the professionals - as in go to a bakery and buy one. UNTIL NOW!!!

You're not going to believe this, but you can buy frozen croissant dough at Trader Joe's that taste exactly like the real thing. I ain't kidding. You can make this anytime. You won't believe it.

Put the croissant dough on a cookie sheet before you go to bed so it can proof overnight (rise.)

In the morning the croissants are ready to pop in the oven. And this is what you get. Absolute heaven.

Look for the brown box at Trader Joe's
So you know what you gotta do. Go to Trader Joe's. Buy the dough. Let them proof overnight and and bake them in the morning. Your family will be stoked. I will be your hero. It will be our little secret.

Here's the final product. With a few bites missing.

And check this out. Here's a little story about the dude that makes these little beauties. Nice.


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