Monday, October 25, 2010

Crazy hair day.

Not mine. Although mine has been looking a little sorry lately. I was supposed to get it cut in July. And it's October. So that means I'm 3 mos overdue. It's to the point now where I've decided to just let it grow. I'll get it cut again someday.

Today it's all about Elli's hair. Last week was Spirit Week at school. It's one of Elli's favorite weeks. There is a different theme each day, ie. Pajama Day, Backwards day, Crazy Hair day. You get the idea.

Here's what we did for Elli's hair on crazy hair day.

Yeah. It's crazy. Not sure the shade of pink we chose is her best color. All I know is she had this grin on her face from the minute I dropped her off in the morning until the minute I picked her up.  It's great to be eight!

Gotta love her energy!

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