Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The little things.

You know how just a few little things can make or break your day?

Like coffee. If you're out of coffee in the morning, or it tastes bad, or say the coffee machine goes wacho and overflows all over the counter. Stuff like that just gets your day off to a very bad start. You can wake up all happy and ready to have an awesome day. And this kills it. Really kills it.

So what brought this on you're asking? I had a good day yesterday. Start to finish.

Well, first, it's about coffee.

We like to drink coffee made from good, quality beans. But we've had to downgrade because of the cost of coffee. (no more Blue Bottle Coffee for a while. Boo hoo.) But I'm happy to report we found some beans we like that are great - even when you're drinking it black like me. And I bought it from Smart and Final. (Not a chain known for its gourmet ingredients.) Although I must say I shop there more than I ever thought I would. I picked up their Peerless Coffee beans, Hawaiian Island Blend, and I have to tell you, it's pretty good and the price is right. Two pound bag for $13.99.

I drink it black. So it HAS to be good beans, or blech!

Second, it's about food.

Not really a little thing. But when a super nice neighbor and friend makes dinner for you and your family, well, it's nothing short of heaven. Especially when she's a really good cook. mmm, mmm, mmm Although I think I kind of overdid it. I was really stuffed. Happy. But stuffed.

Third, it's about homework.

Not my homework. Elli's homework. 4th grade homework. Nothing will ruin your evening faster than an 8 year old crying over her homework, and two tired and stressed out parents trying to get her to do it. It's not a pretty picture. So when we can get through an evening without crying - it's absolute heaven. You have no idea.

So today I'm just happy for all the little things. Cuz often it's the simple things in life that have the biggest impact on our lives.

You know what I mean?


  1. You are SO right! Yesterday my internet connection disappeared into cyber space or whereever such things go. So I had to wait until your Mother got home and listened to me whine, and she called COX, talked to the ever so pleasant automated help line, disconnected my router thingy, shut down my computer, restarted my computer, and bingo! I was back up and I could see my emails, I could send emails, I could check my daughter's blog....Life is good. Thanks for the little joys in life.
    Now, if I could just find a publisher for my book all really would be well.
    Have a great day,

  2. Oh my.......little things that count! I started my day with a bouquet of red carnations because I did something nice for my boss and his girlfriend........Yes worked.........Everyone one knows I love flowers.....Hmmmmmm............

  3. It is sooooooo totally awesome that your parents write comments on your blog! How frickin' cute!

  4. Sharon, they're my biggest fans! And the first comment is from Kathy, well that's my sister. They have no idea there are way better blogs out there! Love my family!!

    Did I tell you my dad wrote a modern day political novel? I'll show it to you. He's looking for a publisher. Know anyone?


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