Friday, September 18, 2015

Free Snorkel!

Free snorkel? Huh? Read on. It will all make sense. Promise.

Don and I sold our business back in June after nine years. We decided it was time for another adventure.

It took Don about six weeks to really close things up after the sale. And then came the big question.

Now what?

Does he go back into advertising? He was an award winning Creative Director for some of the top firms in the country. Or should he try setting up a freelance business. Or should he look for a creative position with a corporation? So much to think about.

In the meantime, I kept telling him he should write a book.

At first I thought he should write about our adventures buying a business. Every man's dream is to quit their boring-old-job and do their own thing, right? We could share our crazy story about buying a business right before the economy crashed and how we survived. It would be inspiring, and real. But writing a book about all that seemed daunting. And complicated. Especially since we just closed that chapter.

And then I remembered the amazing Snorkel stories he used to tell Elli.

When Elli was little he would make up these elaborate stories about a dog named Snorkel who could swim under water. He would go on all kinds of crazy adventures. Elli loved it.

So that's it! He has to write the series. He just has to. They've been trapped inside his busy body for too long. They have to come out!


And guess what? He finally agreed.

So now what do we do? He has the stories. We just need to put them into a book format with amazing illustrations.

And then we had an idea. Maybe our friends and family would want to help us invest in our new business adventure.

So here we are asking for your help. We've personally helped a lot of kickstarter programs ourselves with a few dollars here and there. We're hoping you'll be inspired and will want to kick in a few bucks to our PlumFund campaign. You'll get a fabulous gift if you do!!

$15 Donation = Snorkel the dog T-shirt
$25 Donation = First Book in the series + Snorkel T-shirt
$50 Donation = First Book in the series + Snorkel T-shirt + Baseball Cap
$100 Donation = First 3 Books in the series + T-shirt + Snorkel Beach Towel
$250 Donation = GIFT PACK: First 3 Books in the series + 2 T-shirts + 2 Baseball Hats + 2 Beach towels
$500 Donation = GIFT PACK + you get to name a character in the series

Pledge here on PlumFund>

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Would love to hear what you think.

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