Saturday, March 21, 2020

6 Tips To Keep your Workforce Connected During the Quarantine

It's hard to believe how quickly our world has changed in just a few short days. For the company I work for (In-Shape Health Clubs), we went from planning new initiatives and programs to closing all our clubs and sending team members home to work remotely due to the government mandate and stay-at-home order in California.

We are now trying to manage a workforce that is not used to working remotely. And a business that is based on visiting our locations (which are now closed.)

My office at home.

For many of our team members, it’s not just the anxiety of working from home, they are now dealing with kids at home, setting up an office space, internet connectivity and being disconnected from what they know. On top of all that many are also now responsible for homeschooling or providing childcare for their kids - while still working.

To help our team manage all of these new challenges we’ve come up with some guidelines to help our workforce stay connected and keep their sanity.

6 Tips to Keep Your Workforce Connected

1. Set up a meeting schedule for the organization – we’ve implemented a schedule for all zoom meetings or conference calls to take place between 9-11 or 2-4. This gives our team who have kids a break in the middle of the day “off-camera.”

2. Set “office hours” for the team – we set up office hours to help team members avoid working 24/7 which will cause anxiety, burnout, depression and more stress at home.

3. Start the day with a group exercise class – We are starting each day with an (optional) 7am zoom workout for the entire organization led by our amazing group fitness and training teams. We also have a list of on-demand classes they can take any time for adults and kids.

4. 9am team meeting on Zoom - every team will meet on zoom at 9am to keep everyone connected and kick off the day.

5. 30-minute family activity every day at 12:30 – we have coordinated a family zoom call every day at 12:30 to help engage all the team members and their families. We have a calendar of fun ideas like reading stories, art projects, joke day, sing-along day, kids yoga, superhero day and more! We’ve tapped into the talents of our organization to help with this fun interactive activity.

6. End of day “Happy Hour” – we’re going to end every day with an optional zoom call to share stories, jokes, recipes, tips, laughs and maybe even a virtual cocktail to connect with each other.

If you are looking for group classes and workouts to share with your employees you can go to our website and see our list of on-demand classes, the fitness schedule, and sign up for our free Daily Buzz newsletter

All of this can be shared with your employees for free.

We want to be there for all the members of our community.

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