Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hello there! I've missed you.

Yesterday I decided I would make breakfast casserole for Father's Day. It's tasty. Easy. And can be made ahead. What's not to love, right?

So I went to the trusty blog to get the recipe.

I then realized I hadn't posted anything since January. It made me a little sad. I used to love writing posts. I would get up every morning with tons of ideas bursting in my head. And then slowly life, and work, got in the way and I started writing less frequently. Then barely at all.

So I started reading some old posts. I love all the random incidents I wrote about because those are always the stories we remember, right? The tales we love telling over and over. They're what make us smile and laugh. And you all know how much I like to laugh.

Like the time Elli gave me a Performance Review at home. It still cracks me up. And I got nervous reading it again- just like the first time!

And then there's the time the police thought Elli had been kidnapped. Ok. I realize that is not funny. But she obviously wasn't kidnapped. It was a giant misunderstanding. She was actually just singing in a van with Don. You can read the whole crazy story here.

Or the time Anderson Cooper invited me to come on his talk show. Seriously. He did. With my sister-in-law. I can't believe I actually considered doing this.

I'm going to try to write some posts every once in a while. Can't promise it will be all the time. But as the memory bank in my brain has lost all capacity to remember things I think I need to start documenting my life. Because I seriously have a case of the "why did I come upstairs?" on a daily basis.

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