Monday, February 1, 2016

How brand loyal are you?

by Kris Mulkey

I was getting ready this morning and for whatever reason started thinking about my favorite products (make up, nail polish, etc.) and how loyal I am to certain items from select brands. I am not loyal to one brand - but many brands for different reasons. There are items I absolutely will not switch. NO WAY. Then there are other items where I am not loyal at all. Is everyone like this? How hard would it be for a new brand to get me to switch?

Most of the items I've bought recently (and have become favorites) I was able to test first. Either with a makeover or free samples. There is a reason there are so many freebies at the make-up counter. It works!

Here are my current favorites:

1. LOREAL VOLUMINOUS LASHES MASCARA WATERPROOF BLACK - I discovered this mascara after complaining about the price of department store mascara to the clerk. She suggested I try Loreal because it was the equivalent. She was right! It doesn't clump when you apply it and doesn't smear on my face. And it's less than ten bucks. I'm not sure she's the best sales person (because she got me to switch to a drugstore brand) but oddly, I do have a favorable opinion of that department store because of her honesty.

2. OLAY REGENERIST MICRO-SCULPTING CREAM - I love how this feels on my skin. I tried the generic version and it was awful (too heavy and had a horrid smell.) So I never stray. Controlling the wrinkles on my face is a daily battle. Not messing around with this one!

3. CHANEL VITALUMIERE FOUNDATION - I got hooked on a few Chanel products after getting lured with a free makeover in Nordstrom. I am so glad I did. This foundation has a great feel on your skin, it's not sticky, it smells divine and gives the coverage I'm looking for. Plus it has SPF 15.

4. CHANEL UV ESSENTIEL - this is the most amazing sunscreen for your face. It's spf 50 and is a total splurge for me. I treat it like it's liquid gold. The little container is $50. But it works amazingly well. I don't want my face sunburned anymore and it does the trick. Plus the feel of it on your skin is like silk. And the smell is just so yummy.

5. CHANEL LIPSTICK - it's silky on your lips, not sticky and smells great. (I have a thing about how things smell in case you haven't noticed.)

5. ESSIE AND OPI - this nail polish stays on the longest and they have the best colors.

What don't I care as much about?

1. SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER - I want it to clean my hair and not leave it feeling heavy. I can barely tell the difference from the cheap stuff to the designer stuff. So I usually lean more towards the cheap. Our bathroom looks a bit like the shelf at CVS - a mish-mash of products.

2. EYE SHADOW - I have so many different brands. They all seem the same to me.

3. BLUSH - I've tried a lot of different brands. I'm convinced they are all the same with different packaging. Except for the smell. If it smells I'm not going to like it.

So, do I try new things? Of course!! They haven't made it to the loyalty column yet. But a few are on their way.

1. BENEFIT - I've tried their fake up eye concealer, tinted lip balm, lip tint, powder foundation, eye liner, and tinted eyelash primer. I'm kind of a sucker for new stuff. Plus Elli LOVES make-up and they have a super cute shop in downtown Mill Valley. We probably need supervision when we are in there.

2. ORIGINS lip crayons. I got a set of three for a Christmas gift and I love them. They go on silky, have no scent, and look great. I layer them with the Benefit gloss for some shine.

So, as you can see, I'm not completely loyal to any one brand. I can definitely be persuaded to switch brands with a free sample. If only we could test drive all products!!! Wouldn't that be great?

What about you? Are you loyal? Or a free spirit always trying new things?



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