Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bedroom Refresh

I've been working in the marketing department at Pottery Barn for about 7 months now. I'm finally starting to buy some things for our home.

It's a little paralyzing deciding what to buy since really cool stuff is launching all the time. I finally decided to just go for it! So we're tackling the master bedroom first.

We picked out some new sheets and pillows and have ordered a duvet and new lighting. One of the things we really needed was new bedside lamps. Don's lamp was broken and mine was not looking so hot. The original shade was damaged in our move from Connecticut to California - which was 10 years ago. I've had a dorky shade on this lamp for a long time.

It's probably a really good thing I got this Pottery Barn gig.

I surprised Don and picked out two cool wall sconces for the bedroom instead of lamps thinking it would give us more room on the nightstand. Of course that really didn't happen. There are photos, magazines, books, glasses, water bottles, phones, ipads, earplugs, a clock....good grief. I'm not really sure how the lamp ever fit in the first place.

De-cluttering will happen in the final phase.

Here is phase I of the remodel.

Still to duvet + curtains.

Best handyman ever!

I can't wait to see the bed with the new duvet!

I'm loving the rustic Luxe bedding from Pottery Barn and the super cute faux fur pillow. The sheets are the PB comfort in gray. I love them because they really fit the over sized mattress. You don't have to kill yourself getting the fitted sheet on the mattress. (I know you know what I'm talking about.)

Next to arrive is this medallion duvet. It's going to look so pretty. Can't wait!

Medallion duvet



ps. I have a completely new appreciation for the Pottery Barn photographers. Do you know how hard it is to shoot a bedroom with normal light. It's hard. And that is why my images look NOTHING like the beautiful Pottery Barn image above!!! hahaha

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