Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My new diet with Jump Start MD

I blamed my weight gain on being busy, too much alcohol, and menopause.

What I learned after joining JumpStart MD was that I was eating way too many carbs. Every meal included foods which were making me fat! Things like rice, carrots, bread, tortilla chips, popcorn, acorn squash, peas, corn, and potatoes. Ok, I know tortilla chips are not good for you, but I had no idea popcorn and carrots were on the naughty list.

This is me last November. Argh!
I managed to gain 20 POUNDS in two years. I had every size black pant in my closet to deal with my expanding torso! I finally couldn't take it anymore. I was busting out of my largest pants and I refused to buy the next size. It would be really embarrassing going to work in my pajama pants. Especially since I had maxed out the elastic on them too. How is that even possible?

I joined Jump Start MD right before Christmas out of pure desperation. I heard my favorite radio DJs on KFOG  talk about the program every day, raving about how easy it was to lose weight "because you get to eat real food." It sounded good to me. No funny pills, powders, shakes or cabbage soup.

Of course, I had no idea "real food" would mean I would be snacking on cottage cheese and celery every day, and that bread would not touch my lips for a very long time.

The good news is the diet really is pretty easy. And it's working! You eat a lot of meat, veggies, dairy, and no carbs. At least not in the weight-loss phase. You get to add some back in the maintenance phase - if you want. The diet is all about feeding your body more often and using the correct portion sizes.

I go to their Walnut Creek office for my weigh-in every Tuesday. Each week I sit down with a counselor and talk about how I'm doing, any struggles or events I'm anxious about. I get a B6 shot, they take my blood pressure and I get weighed.

I anticipate I'll hit the -12 lb mark today. Not bad for 6 weeks!

I have some great tips and food ideas which I'll share in future posts. My sister and boss have each started the diet on their own and they've lost 10 pounds!!! (yay, Kathy!)

Want more info about the program?  Click here: Jump Start MD Website

And......this ends my infomercial.

ps. Had my weigh-in today. I'm down -12.2 pounds. YAY!


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