Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My favorite special occasion Cabernets

Rombauer, Cakebread, Caymus and Silver Oak

I brought these four bottles home to take a picture for a piece I was writing. I was so sad to return them. I've tasted them all and they are mighty fine.

We call these "special occasion wines" in my house because of the price tag. They're not exactly in our everyday wine budget. Actually, they're not in most people's everyday wine budget.

It's too bad. The wine is so smooth and delicious, it's like velvet on the tongue. I know that sounds kind of weird. But if you've ever had a really good sip of red than you know what I'm talking about.

You immediately appreciate all that went into making it and realize why you won't find it on sale at CVS. 

If you're a winemaker you just cringed. Buying wine at CVS probably makes you shiver. Not that I buy my wine there either. But it's right there when you walk in the door. BAM. We sell wine. Fake grapes hanging from a vine and all.

I've been thinking about these "special occasion wines" ever since I returned them unopened.  

What if you make a really yummy dinner at home. It could even be a steak dinner. You could prepare a simple and inexpensive meal then top it off with a great bottle of wine instead of a cheap bottle of wine. It will probably cost a lot less than eating out. And, the wine will be much better because wine in restaurants is marked up double, sometimes triple.

See where I'm going?

I think we should all splurge on wine more often. Think how much yummier hot dogs with mac and cheese will taste now.


I would never serve this wine with that.

Or would I? I do love a good hot dog and home-made mac and cheese.

Never say never!

93 PTS WILFRED WONG. An amazing effort, the sultry and thoroughly enticing, steps up to the plate in a most serious manner; long, with sweet tannins in the end. $59.99

92 PTS WINE ADVOCATE. Exhibits stunning purity, subtle notes of smoke, black currants, blackberries, spring flowers and toast; full-bodied; graceful; already irresistible. $76.99

91 PTS WINE SPECTATOR. Supple and creamy textured, with mocha, ripe plum and cherry flavors that show touches of tobacco, espresso and underbrush; full bodied; elegant. $64.99

Exquisitely purple and dark, layers of violets and wild berry aromas with notes of sweet oak and creme de cassis; full-bodied and dense on the palate; aggressive tannins, yet the wine remains elegant. $54.99


  1. My husband, who is not a huge drinker of red wine, has been talking about Silver Oak ever since his boss said it was something we HAD to try. We've not yet purchased a bottle, but maybe for NYE??? :-)

  2. Hi Jen, these wines are sooooo good. We may be able to convert your hubby! It would be awesome on NYE!!

  3. I like your taste girl! Sure is a long way from Boones Farm Apple Valley wine...


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