Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodbyn lunch box review

Well, I'm afraid I have bad news.

The lunchbox was used twice and that's it. It's too big and the lid is too hard to secure. It took me a good minute to make sure I had all the sections sealed tight. That would never work with Elli, or any kid if you ask me. It would be a major bummer if the lid fell off and you lost all your food.

So, we'll use it for car trips or to store craft items.

Elli had a blast decorating it. Too bad we wasted all the stickers on a container she'll never use. 

Wah wah.

ITEM: Goodbyn lunch box
PRICE: $24.95

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  1. Well that's a big fat bummer! Guess I wont feel so bad about the cheap $10 lunch bags I bought for my kids at Albertsons LOL


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