Monday, September 26, 2011

Crunchy Candied Walnuts

Candied Walnuts by Sante Nuts

MMMMM candied walnuts. Sweet and crunchy. A little bit salty. Roasted by hand. More, please!

We like snacks in our house. A lot.

I'm going to blame my mom on this one. She is the queen of snacks. She must think everyone looks starving all the time. The minute you walk in her house she asks if you want a snack. Cheese and crackers? Chips and Salsa? Pretzels? Nut mix? Popcorn?

I love her.

When I was young I used to steal eat all of the nuts my mom had in the kitchen. They were supposed to be for baking. I liked to snack on them. I'm sure she loved that.

I try to have nuts on hand for snacks instead of constantly carbing out on cheese and crackers all the time. (Oh how I love cheese.)

Even Elli likes them. I've started packing little containers of nuts in her lunchbox and she loves it. Peanuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and cashews are her favorites.

She's a snacker in training.

They do say it's better to eat a little bit throughout the day instead of a few huge meals. So maybe my mom was on to something?

Here are some new nuts I discovered and they rock! They are flavorful, crispy, some are sweet, some are spicy and they're not greasy. You are going to love them. I got four bags of different flavors. My very, very favorite is the Candied Walnuts. The Garlic Almonds taste good with a glass of red wine and some cheese and crackers. But you better make sure your honey is eating them too. If you know what I mean.

Go NUTS and enjoy some nuts. Here's a really great coupon for 25% off if you want to buy some now.

25% off Coupon code: 2011-Blog-072
Expires 12/16/11

I need to reiterate the "they're not greasy" part again. I'm eating these nuts as I'm writing this up and my fingers are not messy at all. I love that! These are seriously my new favorite snack.

**Big thank you to Sante Nuts for providing the nuts for me to review. They really were delish. You can send me nuts anytime!


  1. We are nuts about .. well, nuts!
    Add them into every recipe we can and a big go to snack - greek yoghurt, chopped whichever fruit is in the fridge and a giant helping of sliced almonds!

  2. You will love these nuts. The bags have ziplock closures too which is so nice! I am eating a really boring salad right now. I wish I had some of the candied walnuts!


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