Monday, July 18, 2011

An afternoon at Rio del Mar

We spent the day on Saturday visiting my brother and his family. He and his wife had a baby two weeks ago, so we got to see the new baby.

Their life has been totally crazy. They moved into a new house three days before she had a baby. Her mom and dad came to visit (help) for a week. Then my parents came for a week. Talk about chaos and craziness.

She and my brother were amazingly calm.

After visiting in their home for a few hours we ventured down to Rio del Mar beach for some gelato at Pixie Deli and a walk along the beach.

It was a perfect day. 

The little guy had on his running shoes. So everyone had to run.
A brief break to see if we could see any fish.

Lots of guys fishing.

The cement ship.

Great deli with really yummy gelato.
You would think the gelato would have been enough. But, no. We had to go and have pizza at Smoke. And boy was it good.

Margherita Pizza

Buffala pizza - sausage, roasted garlic, fresh basil

Chocolate Decadance cake
Lemon Pie

Looks like I'll be eating light this week.

No more dessert for me!

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  1. Great time.....beautiful day.......with a sweet finish!
    YUM YUM.....


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