Monday, May 9, 2011

Bathtub slip up

Yes. I fell in the bath tub.

I felt like that lady in the commercial who yells "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up."

Except I did get up. In fact as soon as I went DOWN I popped right back up and glanced around the tub to make sure no one saw. As if Candid Camera had set up shop in my shower for some show called "NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THIS!"

I had turned around to grab conditioner. Squeezed some in my hand and turned back around to face the shower head. As I was turning back around my foot stepped on some conditioner and it suddenly felt like I was on a slip-n-slide. My feet slid and I went down hard. My left hand grabbed at the wall. But I couldn't stop myself from landing with a THUD.

The whole upstairs shook as I fell. I seriously expected Don or Elli to come running upstairs for fear that the sky was falling or to see if the house had been hit by a plane. It had to be loud downstairs.

I stopped and listened.


No one curious. No one coming to my rescue. They didn't hear a thing. Or it didn't sound bad enough to interrupt whatever they were doing to come upstairs.

"Did you hear my fall?" I asked.

"Nope." they answered in unison.

Ha. I guess our house is built better than I thought. Or maybe my ass is not as heavy as I thought.

Regardless, I'm fine. My butt is bruised and my back is sore. And I haven't seen a You Tube video of the great bathtub fall. So I'm safe.

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