Monday, January 24, 2011

My favorite blogs

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Speaking of friends, I was talking to a friend the other day about blogs. She's a new blogger. And I'm somewhat of a veteran now that I've had my blog almost two years. I was giving her a few tips that I've learned along the way which led to bringing up some of the blogs that I like.

I remember asking my friend Kelly what blogs she likes. And from there I discovered a whole, huge world of blogs.

So I thought I would share five of my favorites with you. Here they are. In no particular order. I couldn't really pick a favorite favorite.

Love, love, love her blog. Deb lives in NYC. She cooks in a teeny, tiny kitchen. She has a toddler. And cranks out some of the most amazing, yummy food. Ever. She has great photography skills. You will wish your computer screen was the scratch-n-sniff kind.

Hands down my #1 go to site for recipes. Next to Martha. I saw Elise speak when I went to the BlogHer food conference in San Francisco. I'll have to be honest. I was new at blogging - both reading them and writing them - and had never heard of her. (Same with a few other uber famous folks that were there like the Pioneer Woman, David Lebovitz, and so many more it's kind of embarrassing now.) Anyhow, I was intrigued by all of them, so I immediately checked out their blogs when I got home and Elise's blog just clicked with me. It's simple, clean, the recipes are well tested and taste great. The photography is simple and makes the food look delicious and real. I like her style of cooking and so does my family - some of my favorite recipes are from her.  Her Lemon Bread recipe is hands down my favorite.

I first learned about Jenna when she was trying out for the Murphy Goode wine job - that was about two years ago. Something about her perky personality and drive for success has me checking in with her every morning. I'm practically old enough to be her mother. Reading her blog is a lot like watching a tree grow from small sapling to a great, big and beautiful tree. And she's a pretty good baker too.

No e. Trust me. I love the kitchen because it gives an inside peek into people's homes and kitchens. They feature real people, with real budgets and real homes. Large and small. Not the homes of famous folks all gussied up and gorgeous in Architectural Digest. Not that they aren't gorgeous. They are! My friend Lance had his home in SF featured. It was cool! In addition to highlighting different homes they also have tabs on technology, green, home design, cooking, and kids. I'm always discovering something new on their blog.

Heather Armstrong is Dooce. She is the original sassy blogger. I know some people have grown tired of her. But I still find her humor hilarious. Probably because I was late to the blogging world. I check out her blog on those days when I need a good, hardy laugh. She lives in Utah. Isn't afraid to tell it like it is which may or may not include a few cuss words and I like that. Plus, she takes amazing photographs - mainly her kids and two dogs. I have no idea how she gets her dogs to pose the way she does.

So there you go. A few of my favorite bloggers.

What are your favorite blogs? Besides mine of course. Ha ha ha!  I'd love to check them out!


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Note: All photos are from each bloggers site. Thank you Deb, Elise, Jenna and Heather.


  1. Ha. At first I thought you were talking about me - or were just kidding. Then I googled it and it's real. That's awesome. I'll have to read her blog for tips. 'Cuz I know, cooking is expensive!


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