Thursday, January 27, 2011

Congrats Tyler Florence! Wine Enthusiast Restaurateur of the year.

I think I need to start setting my sights higher.  Check out what Tyler Florence has done since moving to Mill Valley. Holy cow. He's making me feel like a slacker. I better get to it!

Wine Enthusiast Magazine - Restaurateur of the Year Chef Tyler Florence from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

He's on TV, he has cookbooks, kitchen shops, a signature wine label, an iPhone app and opened THREE restaurants in six months. Really!!!

Clearly I need to get over my sad, sorry self and kick it into gear. His money people need to speak to my money people. 'Cuz he's got some serious financial backing coming from someone. And our little Napa business wants in on the fun.


I must confess. After I typed in the first sentence, and linked the video, I went back to read what I wrote and totally cracked myself up. I typed in "I think I need to set my sites hire." You gotta love subliminal messages your brain sends to you.

I was having a separate conversation in my head as I was typing this up. It went something like "Man, I'd like to work for Tyler Florence and his company. I'm going to have to google him when I'm done." Ok. Now that I read that I may freak him out. And his wife too. "I must google him?"

I better start making something out of my TF cookbook or bad mojo will come my way. Sounds like a good project for next week when I'll have a lot of time on my hands doing what my dad calls the hardest job on the planet: looking for a job.

I bet you can hardly wait to read all about that!

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  1. Focus girl, focus........I know you can do it. You have a gift for writing and you love researching and writing about food, people wine, experiences.......You are a great photographer..........Put that all together.....sounds like a winner to me.
    I love you......


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