Monday, November 15, 2010

Cutest lunch tote EVER!

Check it out. I discovered these lunch boxes on TheKitchn website over the weekend. They are made by a company based in NY called BUILT. Aren't they cute? What girl doesn't like lunch boxes that look like purses in cute patterns and colors. Why didn't I think of this?

They have a lot of different styles, sizes and fabric choices. They're all pretty girly. Although they do have some in solid colors that I think a guy might carry. Maybe. I can't see Don carrying it. It's a little too pursey for him. Not sure that's a word. But he is way too manly to carry a purse. And this looks like a purse. But some dudes out there might like it though.

I thought they were super cute. Elli saw them and said "Hey, my friends have those. I don't like them though." I couldn't get her to say any more than that. But I was kind of surprised.  She wouldn't say any more when I tried to prod. So, huh. Not sure what the reasoning is. And she asked me not to write that she said that. Hmmmm. Now I'm even more curious. There is a story here. I must find out.

I was actually thinking of these for an adult, not a 4th grader anyway. I think using one of these lunch totes for work would definitely make my peanut butter sandwich taste so much better. Don't you agree?
They would make excellent Christmas presents or a gift for the teacher, too.

They also have cases for laptops, cameras, phones, wine bottles, water bottles and ipad. I would seriously carry it as a purse. For years I carried a huge Coach briefcase that was actually a diaper bag. I liked the built-in water bottle/baby bottle holders on each end. It was red leather. No one ever knew it was a diaper bag. I mean, I only pulled out the changing pad when I needed something cushy to sit on. KIDDING! Ha. It did come with one, but that was discarded immediately. There was one person that called me out on it. It was a stranger at the airport. She walked up to me and said, "Hey, I had that diaper bag. It's great isn't it?" DOH! Go away lady.

Anyhow. Back to BUILT. I think these totes would make awesome gifts for all the girls on your shopping list. And now you can save 20% on lunch totes.  Enter this code at checkout: APT20  

NOTE: All photos are the property of  And I was NOT paid to write this post. I just think their stuff is cool and wanted to share it with you. So there you go.

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  1. Aha!!! So, you DID carry a diaper bag when you were a DINK!! That's tres funny. Love the "Go away lady" comment - tee hee hee.

    These lunch totes are adorable! Might have to go on line and check them out...I'm strictly shopping for xmas right now though and NOT for myself....unless the price is right, of course....oh, the dot dot dots are inserted JUST FOR YOU KRIS :-) Love ya!


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