Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Trés Chic Wine Wednesday!

Ok. First let me say I did not set out to buy this wine. I walked into Safeway last Friday night to grab some stuff for dinner (which was awesome and you can read about on Friday.) A super friendly manager was standing at the entrance handing out flyers to everyone that walked in. He handed one to me and explained they had some awesome specials that were good that day only. And all were $5.00.

And it was good stuff too!

1) Signature Cafe Roasted Turkey Breast or Turkey Pot Roast $5
2) 5-lb box of Clementines $5
3) Shrimp appetizer Platter $5
4) Fetzer Valley Oaks Chardonnay or Cabernet $5

My immediate reaction? I gotta try the $5 wine. Sheesh if it's horrible we'll toss it and never buy it again. Just kidding. It has to be completely undrinkable for us not to drink it. As in corked or something. But what the heck. So I bought one bottle of each.

We opened the Chardonnay that night and gave it a whirl. It's not bad. Not the most sophisticated wine on the planet. But not bad. And it doesn't have the oakey buttery notes that I don't like in Chardonnay so for me it was a completely drinkable, suck it down, kind of wine. Would I buy it again? Yes. Would I serve it to guests? Depends on who they are. Would I buy a case of it for $5/bottle. Absolutely!

As I was approaching the check out lane an announcement came on over the intercom. "Five..............Five Dollar...............Five Dollar Chardonnaaaayyyyyyy. " I totally cracked up and happily bought my chardonnay.

Click here for a nifty little wine pairing chart, complements of Fetzer.

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