Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Role models for kids

Who do your kids look up to and consider a role model? Elli idolizes some of the kids she sees on TV. But she really looks up to some of the women she has met from hanging out with me and Don at work.

Elli came to work with us a lot this summer. As in, she was with one of us almost every day. So she got to know a lot of my colleagues and our customers at the store.

Her summer break is about 10 weeks long. She went to camp for three weeks. And spent the remaining 7 weeks with us. It's been a long summer. She's been a real trooper through it all. And so has Don. Since she was with him most of the time.

She created a fort at the store under our big table in the showroom where she could hang out. She went on appointments with Don and got to know a lot of his great customers. Thank goodness they all like kids and dogs because we are a real family-friendly company. One of his customers even sent home a goody bag for Elli with little trinkets she had collected from her travels all over the world. Elli just loved this.

Elli usually came to work with me on Friday's. But I brought her in last Thursday so she could say goodbye to one of the girls at the office that she really looked up to. Erica and Elli share a love of fashion and make-up. Unfortunately for us, it was Erica's last day at Hoffman Lewis. So Elli came to work to get some final make-up tips from Erica, as well as a make-over.

I love that they became buddies. Erica is so nice and sweet, plus she's really smart and hard working, too. She's the perfect person for Elli to look up to and have as a role model. Elli sees her working hard  in her office, and sees that she can have fun too.

So now they are now going to be blog buddies. Erica's blog is called Gloss Addiction. My Life. In Makeup. I'm pretty sure Elli is Erica's youngest fan.

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  1. Awww look at my little buddy! Those pictures are too cute for words and you are seriously too sweet, Kris :) thanks for making life at HL fun - I will miss you and Elli to pieces!


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