Monday, August 2, 2010

Gingerbread Cookies in summer. Why not?

I recently read a blog someone wrote about how much stuff we have in our cabinets (kitchen and bath) that if you actually went through it all - as in used everything - you could save yourself a ton of money.

She has a good point. We often buy new things because we're tired of what we already have. Or we buy something new because we have plans to do something with that ingredient, say Molasses or old fashioned oatmeal and corn meal. But then never actually make anything with it, or only use a little and there it sits in the pantry. I usually find this random stuff with an expiration date way past it's prime. So it goes in the trash.

So I've decided to do start using what I have to make stuff. And the goal is to find recipes where I have all the ingredients on hand. I have a new jar of molasses, 1/2 container of old fashioned oats and 3 containers of corn meal. I do believe we have some muffins and cornbread in our future!!

So that's how we get Gingerbread Cookies in the middle of summer. They feel like a fall/winter treat to me. But not to worry, I still have 2/3 of a jar of molasses still and it doesn't expire until 2011. So we have plenty of time to make something this fall.

I went on the Grandma's Molasses website and found the cookie recipe (which is also on the jar). I also found several other recipes  like Rosemary Chicken, BBQ Ribs and Memphis Style BBQ sauce that sound good, too.

I asked Elli to hold the jar of Molasses like they used to do a long time ago.
And this is what I got.
I used the cookie recipe that is right on the jar. I added some apple pie spice that I have - to make them my own, and because for a little while I couldn't find the ground cloves and was considering that as a replacement.

Elli layed out all her cookie cutters for me. Then disappeared to watch another re-run of iCarly. I wish I was as fascinating as Carly and Sam. But then she reappeared when it was time to roll the dough.

Holy cow. I don't know what got into her, but she was a complete wacko. I laughed so hard as flour and sugar flew through the air as she tried roll the sticky dough, and use the cookie cutters.

At one point she said one of her dreams is to get in her bikini with all of her friends and throw flour at each other, and toothpaste, and cereal. Oh, and sprinkles. She said it would be AWE-SOME! I'm worried. I have a feeling I'm going to be in for some big time fun in a few years.

Elli has eaten 5 cookies and is flying high. Does Molasses have some kind of super kid power? I'm wondering if Gingerbread cookies was a good idea. Lucky for me she'll be at work with Don today - and not with me. Good luck honey. hee hee hee.

So do a little digging in your own pantry and tell me what you find!

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  1. I LOVE cookies - any kind of cookies!And those look good. Wonder if one super blond is up to that? Hmmm?
    Silver Fox


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