Thursday, August 26, 2010

First day of school.

Yesterday was Elli's first day of school.

She was a little bit nervous in the morning. More excited than scared. But didn't really want to eat breakfast which is huge for her. She always wakes up starving.

She couldn't wear the special new outfit she had picked out for the first day because it was 100 degrees out and a plaid FLANNEL shirt with leggings would not be comfortable. We had a ten minute argument discussion about this. As you can see from the photo - - I won.  She was bummed. But she got over it the minute she stepped outside.

Elli on the first day of 4th grade. Nice tattoos Elli.

She wanted to make sure we got to school early so she could see all her friends. We arrived at 8:05 (school starts at 8:30) and there were a million cars everywhere. We had to park a mile away. Well not really, but it felt like it. It was awesome to see how many moms and dads were there with their kids. Our parent participation is huge. I guess it's not like this everywhere. We're really lucky.

Everything was going just fine until we realized we forgot her lunch at home. DOH! "Where's my lunch? I asked you to grab my lunch!" she said. Uh. Didn't hear that. And since when am I responsible for your lunch? GREAT. Now I have to go home and get your lunch.

And guess what? i couldn't find it. So I called Don. "Did you grab Elli's lunch?" "No." he said. "Well I can't find it!!!!" I barked. Literally. And then I see it. Sam, the lab, had it and had eaten everything. Argh. So I made a new lunch and zipped back to school. By now it's 8:55 and there are still a TON of cars at school. Those kindergarten parents have a hard time saying good bye. They'll get over it soon.

I took off from work in the afternoon so we could enjoy some fun pool time together and relax a little  - because next week everything will be in full swing again. Dance classes start on Tuesday. Homework with start on Monday. The craziness will begin again!


  1. Hi Kris,
    Just found your blog. Love it. I always find it funny when I stumble upon a blog that is in my own backyard. I am new to the blog community. Just found the Wonderful World of Blogs last year and I can't get enough. It is so inspiring to travel around the world in my pajamas reading all the wonderful things people are doing with their lives. I want to start my own soon! I too live in Marin.Grew up in CT on Long Island Sound. My father owns a marina there...still. Thanks for making me smile today with the lovely post of your sweet daughter on her fist day of school!!

  2. Hello again! Thanks for your nice comments. We moved here from Norwalk, Ct in 2005. I miss it. I love it here, but I also really loved it there.

    Let me know if you need any help getting your blog started.

    Thanks for your feedback! See you again soon,

  3. Kris: I love your blog! Mom and I talk about it almost every day.Elli's first day sounded so typical - everyone excited and nervous and then the lunch glitch. Oh, well, no one is perfect! even though we like to think we are!

  4. Love it too! Keep forgetting about it though and then I spend an hour at work randomly catching up!


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