Friday, July 30, 2010

Pine Ridge Vineyards. Cabernet heaven.

Last Saturday we went to Pine Ridge Vineyards in Napa. I had won an awesome prize at the Napa Chamber Golf Tournament by somehow, miraculously, winning the most accurate drive contest in our group. HA! I got my ball closest to the string - and wasn't even really trying. My goal is usually to just make contact with the ball and not completely humiliate myself. So winning something was a bit shocking. My prize was a Cabernet tasting for two and two bottles of amazing Cabernet from Pine Ridge. Awe-some!

We asked our nice friend Blair if Elli could play with her daughter for the day so we could go to the store for a bit then go wine tasting without Elli being completely bored out of her mind. We spent the morning at Pollin's. I helped organize fabrics and Don caught up on paperwork. Then we took an hour to go over to Pine Ridge. We used to be a wine club member, so it was really nice to be back tasting their amazing wine.

We got to taste five lip-smacking good reds.

And they gave us two bottles of the Napa Valley Cab which we put in the cellar. We'll keep them there for a year or so then open them up. Robert Parker's Wine Advocate gave the '06 Cab  89PTS. Not bad! The 2007 Charmstone was also really good and a little more affordable. Robert Parker gave this one 90PTS. Nice.

If you would like to buy some, you can buy it here on the Pine Ridge website. Most of their wines are not in retail stores.You may occasionally see some of the Cabs at restaurants, but it's really limited distribution and based on the retail prices - probably a little $$$.

Pine Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon '06

So while we are waiting for our Cab to age. We opened this baby from Chateau St. Jean because we noticed that it was a 2000 Merlot and should be opened. I love when that happens. Don decanted the wine before I had a chance to snap a picture. So here's the empty bottle. It tasted goooood. It was smooth and full-bodied almost like a cab.

Chateau St. Jean 2000 Reserve Merlot
We used to be members at both of these wineries. We joined them when we first moved here - which was 5 years ago (7/19/05). Things were different then. We had no idea the roller coaster we were about to ride - and are still riding, five years later. Neither of us ever imagined we would own an upholstery shop in Napa. Never.


We don't regret our decision. We just wish that things could have gone a little differently, that's all.

Life is funny. Not ha ha funny. More like strange funny. You know what I mean.

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  1. We remember well the visit to Pine Ridge and Chateau St.Jean Chardonnay has always been one of our most favorite wines. Both have really yummy wines!
    Hang in there,the roller coaster always goes back up after it rides down for awhile.
    Love Dad


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