Saturday, May 22, 2010

Puppy love leads to '98 Franciscan Merlot.

You're probably thinking, huh? Puppy love and wine. What is she talking about now.

Well, Elli has started a little cat sitting business in our neighborhood, which led to a puppy walking job. A neighbor was going to have surgery on her shoulder so she was looking for someone to take her puppy out every morning and every evening.

Meet Bentley. He is the cutest little 8 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He doesn't jump or bite, he's gentle and lovable. He's a total ladies man. Elli loves him. We've been watching him for about a week. All is well so far. The plan is to keep watching him for a couple more weeks while his owner recovers from surgery.

When I was there yesterday Sharon, the puppy owner, thanked me for taking care of the little guy. (Elli was at a sleep over. So I was on duty.) He's really no trouble and now that Elli and I have our new morning routine down, it's not bad at all.

She does realize that I am doing a lot of the work - and Elli is the one getting paid. So she asked me if I like wine. She went on to tell me she collects wine and has quite a wine collection. Do I like wine?? Ha! Bring it on. Show me what you got. Well, she has a ginormous wine fridge. The floor-to-ceiling kind, with drawers in it so you can slide out the tray of wine to examine heaven up close. I think I hit the puppy sitting jackpot.

She chose a '98 Franciscan Oakville Estate Merlot for Don and I to enjoy. Score! I can't wait to drink it tonight. And tell you all about it. yum, yum, yum.

Tomorrow we're taking Sam and Bentley to a Human Society fundraiser at the park. Mr Bentley is going to make a lot of new friends.  Should be fun!

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