Friday, April 23, 2010

Whale watching in Bodega Bay.

First off, let me just say how incredibly helpful the woman was at the Visitors Center in Bodega Bay. We told her we had one afternoon to tour around and she highlighted a map for us showing us the "must see" destinations. PERFECT! This is exactly what we needed. Someone to show us exactly where to go. No guessing. No getting lost. She led us right to the one of coolest Whale Watching spots on the coast.

Before we went to the overlook we hiked down to the beach. You can climb all over the rocks and easily spend all afternoon here with a blanket, good book, binoculars and a picnic. Elli was completely entertained exploring the rocks and sand.

After collecting shells and teasing Sam with dead crabs, we headed up to the scenic whale watching overlook.

It was our lucky day. We were looking out for about 1 minute when I saw a spout and a whale! UNBELIEVABLE!! You could stand there all day and not see anything. How lucky were we! We hung around a little longer trying to see where it went but didn't see anything else. My eyes started playing tricks on me. Every little ripple in the ocean seemed like a whale. We may have had more luck if we had our BINOCULARS with us. But of course we did not have them. Ooops.

There are all kinds of super cute places to stay in Bodega Bay from simple motels to beautiful homes on the the water. There is a golf course, sailing, fishing, kayaking, dining - pretty much everything a quaint coastal town should have. And the best part? It's only about an hour from where we live!

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  1. We have PAID for 3 whale watches and have NEVER seen a whale! You are sooo lucky. Ellies hair looks even cuter now. Love that cute picture by the buoy.


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