Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New tires. Yippee.

Last week we bought eight new tires. Why is it that everything always wears out at the same time? Both cars needed four new tires at the same time. 

Actually, that's not quite true. We pushed it to the max with the tires. I was starting to see stuff in the rubber that you're not supposed to see. Zoinks.

We don't normally wait that long to replace important things like tires. But our cars don't take just any old tire (of course) so we had to wait until we could afford all that rubber. I was driving around holding my breath - which is totally not cool, and slightly exaggerated. But true nonetheless.

So we made the purchase. And now we're eating bread and butter for the next four weeks. Just kidding. (I'm giving Elli some turkey on her bread.)

The weird and funny thing was how happy Don and I were to have our new tires. Relieved mostly, but happy. We don't have to worry about what could happen driving to Napa on tread-less tires. Life has been very humbling lately.

So Sunday afternoon Elli and I washed the cars (no car wash for us) and admired our shiny new tires and their big treads. Washing the cars is actually a pretty fun little activity on a nice sunny day. I know I've heard that you use more water at home than at a car wash. But I don't think that's true at all. Our hose has a sprayer and it only sprays water when you pull the trigger. PLUS, car washes are a $$ ripoff. We can do it ourselves and save big bucks.

Next up for the I-can't-believe-we-have-to-save-for-this-instead-of-buying-something-fun---for me- - - -is MORE CAR REPAIR. Yes. That's the real me, people.

Lights have popped on in each car. Don's light means some random lightbulb is out. Mine is the brake light. Greaaaaaaaat. Not fair!!!!!!!

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