Friday, March 19, 2010

Locks of Love, Part II - Ta da!!

It's done! Elli's hair is cut and it's so cute. Jamie, at Edwards Salon, treated her like a queen. And her friend Lili was there to cheer her on. Not that that was really necessary. Elli was cheering herself. She was ready to be rid of tangles.

She feels like a new girl. And she's got the sassy attitude to go with it. Lucky me.


  1. Hi Elli sweet granddaughter............Your hair is precious. You did such a nice thing for someone else...........and you are really "hot" with that new hair style.....I looooooove it and you!

  2. Elli you look MARVELOUS! I wish my hair could look as sassy as yours!

  3. Mom! I can't believe you said "HOT!" Don't give her any ideas! She already thinks she's a teenager. LOL!!


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