Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday night "Mystery Date"

No, I don't have a mystery date. It's more exciting than that. We get to play Mystery Date - the game. Wait! Don't go.

There is strategy and chance, and cute boys behind a door, but it's really boring. It's not as much fun as I remembered. You just go in circles hoping to get the 3 cards you need to open the door and then hope by CHANCE that you have a match. Otherwise you start over.

It's not my favorite game, but Elli likes to play it. And being the nice mommy that I am I play it with her once a year. See how nice I am? Lucky for me, last time we played I got really lucky and won early. Thank heavens. Because I'm usually ready to pack it up after about 4 minutes.

I'm not a very good sport when it comes to playing games. I kinda like to win. Not a big fan of losing. Just ask my family. I perfected the art of moping when I was a kid.

I remember when Don and I were newly married and we played Sorry! with his sister and her family and I totally SORRY'd her and did it in a very sassy way. I'm pretty sure I yelled S-O-R-RRRRRR-Y . Cuz that's the way we played it when I was growing up. I seriously thought everyone played it that way. I guess not.

Don's eyes shot out of his head and they screamed "What are you doing? Be nice." I don't know. How do you play Sorry? Isn't the whole point to win and Sorry people. Sheesh.

Well, since then I have learned to have some tact and be kinder when Sorrying nice Baptist folk. Everyone else is fair game.

But back to Mystery Date.

Remember these?

and the mystery door?

Yeah!  I got the snowboard dude! I win!!!

So, Elli, who won? hee hee hee


That's right. And whose the best Mommy kid ever? That's right. You.

Lucky for me, she's a good sport. Another lesson I can learn from an 8 year old.  It's never too late.

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  1. I must have played with you becuase Dean and I yell SOOOOORY too. Only we stretch out the O.


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