Monday, February 22, 2010

Chocolate Truffle Chip Cookies

Yesterday was a rainy, gray Sunday. So Elli and decided to make some cookies. We were too lazy to leave the house so we were going to use what we had. The plan was to make Chocolate Chip Cookies. But once we got to the kitchen we discovered we were out of chocolate chips. Boo. We have a huge box of truffles in the pantry that were from Christmas (which haven't been opened) so we thought we would chop them up and use them to make Chocolate Truffle Chip Cookies.

Seems like a good idea, right? Simple enough to chop up truffles and use them in place of chips. Well, let me tell you, we're keeping it real here at "What's Cooking?" and it's definitely NOT a good idea. In fact it's a really, really, bad idea. I'm no cooking scientist but something funky happened in the oven and out of the oven popped this!!!

This is how they looked going in.


And this is how they looked after 10 minutes. Holy schnikes! This is not cool at all. Elli and I were very sad.  What to do, what to do? We've only baked six cookies.  


We called Don into the kitchen. "DON! There's something wrong with the oven. Look at the cookies!!!" Because it couldn't possibly be something we did in mixing the dough. He immediately broke off a chunk and said, "Well, they taste good." That's like telling the lonely girl at the dance, "Well at least you look pretty."  I want it all!  I want them to taste good AND look good. Is that so much to ask for?

Elli was a good sport about it.


THE COOKIE IS AS BIG AS ELLI's FACE. We were laughing so hard. We were bummed, but it was funny. The cookies were a huge disaster. 

So instead of tossing the dough, we decided to cram it into a brownie pan and bake it. Hoping for a miracle as you can see. Not sure what we we thought would happen, but baking them was now the plan. And here is the result. Another BUST.


So, instead of having yummy cookies to snack on all week we have nuthin. No cookies. No brownies. No new recipe creation to brag about.

Which gets me thinking. How many times does it take a recipe maker/chef/cook to create something until they get it right?  Obviously, I'm not a recipe maker. I'm a hopeful recipe follower. I'm not sure I could take the dissapointment! We had such high hopes. And then CRASH.

Lucky for me and the family I stick pretty close to recipes. I may make a minor tweak but that's it. Because I'm OBVIOUSLY no recipe creator, and have complete respect for those that do. So thank you to my favorite bakers and chefs out there: Martha Stewart, Nancy Silverton, Ina Baumgarten, Giada De Laurentis, Bobby Flay, Jamie Oliver, Rachel Ray, Julia Child, Jacques Pepin...there are so many of you that I follow. Thank you. I owe you big time.


  1. Well, the dough looks delicious! I've been known to use a baking disaster (or two, or more...) as a mix in when I'm making homemade ice cream. When it's in tiny bit, nobody really knows how bad the intended final product was.

  2. I second the idea-anything with ice cream added is alright with me! Another thing, 13 yr. old boys would have gobbled-up your creation right out of the pan!

  3. Love your ideas, thanks! I have to tell you, I put the dough in tupperware and it actually tasted decent the next day. So then I put them in the freezer and we've been nibbling little frozen bits. Not bad for a disaster!

  4. I mean we froze the baked dough. Not raw dough. And Dianna, the dough was delicious. That's what was the most disappointing thing. It tasted perfect. The truffles just had too much oil and melted the dough. Oh well. Now we know.


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