Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Love my kitchen gadgets

I took Elli with me to Sur la Table (the kitchen store) recently. And this is what we bought. We didn't really need new salt and pepper shakers. But I'm a sucker. And now we have these cute bunny shakers that actually work really well - you just pinch the ears together and voila, freshly ground salt and pepper. Plus they have a magnet on the back. Love that.

And yes, I did remember to purchase what I originally went in the store for - a new Silpat for baking. Our baby sitter actually sliced mine open in several places. Gasp! So I had to buy a new one. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it on the cookie sheet. I guess I forgot to tell her not use a BUTCHER KNIFE on my precious Silpat liner.

What is a Silpat you ask? (Gasp, again.) It's only the greatest invention for the kitchen EVER. It's a silicon liner for cookie sheets. You no longer have to grease cookie sheets and your cookies don't burn. It's the best twenty bucks you'll ever spend. Of course you do have to have a really good, heavy duty cookie sheet too. Mine is from Wilton. They are technically called jelly roll pans.  You can buy them at any kitchen store - or most party supply stores in the area where they sell cake stuff. They are usually a better price in these stores.

You can't use the crappy sheets they sell at the grocery store. No good. Once you use one of these pans with a silpat liner you'll never look back.

Phew. I have now stepped off my soap box.

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