Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kongsgaard Chardonnay

One of the perks of having a business up in Napa is that you get meet fabulous wine makers like John and Maggy Kongsgaard.

After a cool tour of their wine cave they gave Don a bottle of their Kongsgaard 2006 Chardonnay - which he brought home and we thoroughly enjoyed. The wine was fantastic. It was light, crisp and fruity, not oakey or buttery - which are my least favorite characteristics of Chardonnay.

They produce a limited number of bottles. So the only way to purchase the wine is through their wine club or in a restaurant. You can find a list of restaurants on their website.

There are websites that will help you locate hard to find wines. One is a website called Snooth. I found this description of the Chardonnay on their website. Stephen Tanzer gave it a 95 rating. Wow. It's definitely a special occasion wine in my world. Too bad we drank it on an ordinary Tuesday. Oh well. It was still delish, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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